Perfect for tired eyes, the eye treatment helps to reduce the appearance of puffiness and under-eye bags.

Aromatherapy Body Treats (60 mins)

The Aromatherapy Body treatment alleviates stress, headaches and pre-menstrual symptoms by incorporating essential oils such as lavender. It is especially uplifting because essential oils are transmitted through the nostrils to the limbic system in the brain to calm your nerves and hormones.


  • Alleviates stress, headache and pre-menstrual symptoms through the use of essential oils that are transmitted through the nostrils to the limbic system in the brain
  • Calms the nerves and hormones by experiencing the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy that blends to relax the mind, body and spirit

Swedish Body Treats (60 mins)

The Swedish Body Treats incorporates the four main strokes common in acupressure therapy: effleurage (a strong sliding stroke for relief); petrissage (kneads away tension); friction (circulation motions to aid blood flow), and tapotement (chopping action to boost cellular activity). It gives an overall sense of relaxation and helps to purge toxins.


  • Swedish Body Treats helps the body’s lymph system flush metabolic wastes such as lactic acid and uric acid from your muscles.
  • Regular body treats helps increase flexibility, enhances tissue elasticity and reduces pain.

Deep Tissue Body Treats (60 mins)

Find relief from chronic pain, tension and tightness caused by injury or overworked muscles. This therapeutic body treats realigns muscles and connective tissues, which can become knotted over time. With strokes identical to a Swedish treatment, this moves slowly but concentrates on the painful areas. Expect heavy pressure and some bruising. This is a godsend for office ladies with a sedentary lifestyle - and shoulders that feel like concrete.


  • Restore and maintain the body’s energy, especially helpful to those suffering from fatigue and overall weakness
  • Reduces stress and tension as well as mild anxiety and depression
  • Reduces problems with stiff neck and shoulders as well as backaches

Hot Stone Body Treats (90 mins)

The healing power of heat is combined with traditional acupressure techniques for the Hot Stone Body Treats. Tension melts away as warm stones are used over the entire body, radiating deep into tight muscles and bringing your body into a state of deep relaxation. Warm stones are placed along your back, with different weights assigned to various pressure points. As your muscles involuntarily relax with the heat, the therapist can work on the deeper layers of muscles by hand or using the stones.


  • Gentler than other types of acupressure techniques, the presence of heat makes this more effective than just manual kneading.
  • It causes blood vessels to expand and boosts blood circulation, which is excellent for detoxification and arthritis.
  • The use of hot stones help create a state of deep relaxation and emotional harmony within the body

Body Polish

Dry Polish (15 mins)

Rejuvenate and indulge in a full body polish to remove dead skin cells. The dry polish instantly makes your skin feel soft, smooth and healthy.

Body Masks

Warming Ginger Mask (30 mins for target Area)

A great way to cleanse and detoxify the often neglected skin, the ginger masks warms up and act like a facial mask on the body. Increasing blood circulation, the Warming Ginger Mask also reduces cellulite and allow skin to feel rejuvenated.

Firming Seaweed Mask (30 mins for target Area)

Detoxifying the skin and body, this firming seaweed mask stimulates the skin, promoting decongestion for smoother skin, protecting and regulating cellular moisture exchanges.

Detoxifying Volcanic Mud Mask (30 mins for target Area)

Packed with beneficial minerals, the detoxifying mask enhances cell turnover and deeply hydrates skin, promoting cell oxygenation and aims to remove debris and impurities.

Anti-Oxidant Green Tea Mask (30 mins for target Area)

The Anti-Oxidant Green Tea Mask acts as a fountain of youth for skin cells, improving the skin condition and leaving it feeling years younger. Green tea contains anti-oxidant polyphenols that help eliminate free radicals and safeguard healthy cells, while it moisturizes and softens the epidermis.

Add On

Cupping Therapy (20 mins)

The cupping therapy mobilizes blood flow to promote the healing, causing the skin’s tissues to release toxins, activate the lymphatic system, clear colon blockages, activate and clear the veins, arteries and improve the appearance of varicose veins.

Body Scrapping - “Gua Sha” (20 mins)

The “Gua Sha” is used to release the body of blood stagnation. It aims to quickly release blockages in the body caused by stagnant blood. This is because it mimics sweating and promotes body fluid circulation which helps to normalize cellular metabolic processes and release toxic waste from deep cellular tissues.

Ear Candling (20 mins)

This treatment is another favourite of time-starved executives. Ear Candling allows you to totally relax and unwind quickly. The comfortable warmth soothes you and puts you in a deep state of relaxation.

Ginger Thermal Mask (20 mins)

A great way to cleanse and detoxify the often neglected skin, the ginger thermal masks warms up and act like a facial mask on the body. Increasing blood circulation, this treatment reduces cellulite and allow skin to feel rejuvenated.